Established in 1998, Diagnosis Multisystems (DM) is a technical private company specializing in a variety of technical matters such as electro-mechanical (E/M) installations and design of specialized solutions for non-invasive control measuring systems.

Since 1998, DM has issued numerous studies and installations of electro-mechanical projects of a total budget of  millions of €. The electro-mechanical studies and installations as well as the energy efficiency study and upgrade of buildings like hotels, schools and other public and private sector owned buildings. The founder has acquired Scholar Engineering Degree of order of «Γ» (the highest order for individual engineering office.

In the research sector, DM has been involved in various research & development programs funded from the European Commission and industry, in collaboration with “ORMYLIA” Foundation. Total budget of the programs is of the order of 15 million €. These research programs concern non destructive testing techniques and analysis systems, creation of research infrastructure for Heritage Science, scanning of Cultural Heritage assets for their multilayered digitization, conservation of Cultural Heritage assets, 4D reconstruction and 3D printing of Cultural Heritage, knowledge management systems. The same technologies and techniques (like tomographic applications and ultrasonic and spectroscopic techniques) were used also for the integration of biomedical tomographic imaging systems, techniques and applications.

The above mentioned actions provided DM, for the last 10 years with the possibility for a concrete inter correlation of the research field with the market needs and thus provide smart and needed custom solutions.