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The Digital Database of Art Collections of the Teloglion Fine Arts Foundation‘s Collections is aimed at researchers, scholars, students and other online visitors interested in researching for sources for Art History, painting, sculpture, engraving and other types of collections through the Collections of Foundation.

The Collection of the Teloglion Fine Arts Foundation of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is of historical importance, as it contains important stations for the development of modern Greek, but also, of European art. The quantity, the quality as well as the chronological completeness of artist representation makes it one of the most important in Greece. Also, Teloglion’s Collections are not limited to works of modern Greek and European art, but also to creations that allow the connection to the world of antiquity and the east (Persian miniatures, Japanese prints, Chinese pottery, etc.), and more special collections (posters, textiles, furniture and other objects).

History and Art Archives

The Digital Database is aimed at visitors interested in searching for sources for art history, literature, modern greek history, culture, through the collections of the Teloglion Fine Arts Foundation.

The History and Art Archives of the Teloglion Institute of Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, is intended for visitors interested in searching for sources for Art History, Literature, Modern Greek History, Culture through its donor collections. The bulk of the volume is from the Toni P. Spiteris Archive.

The Toni P. Spiteris Archive contains a wealth of material from handwritten texts, correspondence with all the prominent physiognomy of the arts and sciences, photographs of works and personal photos of the artistic style with a wealth of well-known artistic names. The Archive collection complements material on performing arts, history, music, politics.
The Archive holds over 84,000 items. With over 280000 digitizations.

Music Iconography

The digital database MITOS ( is aimed at researchers, scholars and online visitors looking for pictorial and secretarial testimonies of Greek music, dance and performing arts from the prehistoric to the modern times.

The digital database of pictorial and literature sources, MITOS, is the collection, documentation and cataloging of pictorial sources related to Greek music, dance and performing arts. This database was created under the need to design and implement a management tool for the information related to the Music Icon Archive. Therefore, since the first year of the Music Icon Archive’s operation, a digital documentation base for musical and iconographic sources has been designed and implemented, which received its first recording in May 1996.

Over the years, its design and operations have been revised repeatedly to meet the ever-evolving demands of cataloging, which has gradually included a wide range of related material involving about 10,000 entries from pictorial and literature sources from Greece and its influence areas. In its current form the structure and functions of the digital database MITOS, allows users to systematize their searches according to the criteria that interest them, whether they relate to the subject matter of the musical performance or to theirs pictorial and musical parameters.

The development of the above digital databases was made with a single multimedia documentation platform. This technology allows us to manage different documentation needs depending on the objects of each collection. The application consists of two large Modules. The first can only be accessed by collections managers and registrants. It is customized to suit the needs of the documentation. The second module is a multilingual web publishing application for scholars, researchers and web visitors. The entire database is ensured by a security system (users, roles, credentials management), task monitoring and data security.

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