About the project

Signal processing applied to acoustic microscopy echo graphs in the investigation of melanoma development and infiltration using time frequency representation techniques: The incidence of malignant melanoma increased in recent years. Cornerstone of the prognosis of the disease is early diagnosis, since mortality is high once malignant cells metastasize. Currently, diagnosis is made by dermatologists based on morphological criteria and followed by biopsy. Existing diagnostic approaches using several devices such as dermoscope are restricted on quantitative skin surface parameters. However, the depth of the lesion is critical for the prognosis of the disease. We developed a novel multi-leveled diagnostic modality, comprising acoustic microscopy, near and mid infrared diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and spectroscopic mapping(in the spectral range from 1300nm up to 10000nm), that provides a three dimensional evaluation of the entire lesion site along with qualitative aspects of the biochemical changes occurring during early tumor formation.