Melanoma Spectracoustic Tomography

The combination of ultrasonic and photonic technologies lead in the very promising result of the current project. The prototype is subjected to the lead of a novel modality, which can be named spectracoustic imaging.

  • Acquisition of multispectral images, spectroscopic mapping images covering the majority of infrared spectrum (1.3μm up to 26μm).
  • Acquisition of A-C scan data from the multilayered structure using ultrasound frequencies from 50-170 MHz achieving micrometric resolution.
  • Resolution of 1μm reveal melanoma regions and cancerous cells spread into healthy tissues. 0-170 MHz.
  • Advanced signal processing techniques include multimodal data registration and fusion for enhanced imaging.

State of the art ultrasonic systems combining elastography scanning capabilities are using 16-20MHz probes with resolution of the order of hundreds of μm.

  • Reflection Coefficient in Diffuse Reflectance Mode based on  ASTM E-903 – 12, ASTM E-903 – 96 (Standard Test Method for Solar Absorptance, Reflectance, and Transmittance of Materials Using Integrating Spheres).
  • Thickness measurement based on ΕΝ 14127 (Non-Destructive Testing – Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement).