High Resolution Frequency Brain Tomography

The objective of this service is the enhancement of the conventional intraoperative imaging devices for glioma exception with accurate detection of malignant tissues through combination of the ultrasonic tomography (both ultrasonography and elastography modules) with the infrared spectroscopy classification based on infrared fingerprint of tissues.

Ultrasonic Brain Glioma Imaging at 10-20 MHz

•Piezoelectric transducers are used to transform the electric signal to acoustic wave which is propagating towards brain tissues.

•Multiple echoes due to reflections of the inner different structures (white/gray matter, glioma, edema, etc.) are detected and inversely transformed to electric signals.

•Beam forming and steering techniques for ultrafast image acquisition.

Infrared spectroscopy for glioma cells detection

•Michelson interferometer is used for the modulation of a wideband infrared signal (1.3μm-26μm) that illuminates the sample.

•Classification between healthy and maligant tissues through their unique infrared fingerprint.

•Spectra observation at Proteinic Amide I, II and III regions.