Diagnosis Multisystems is a company – a technical engineering office for electromechanical installations studies, specialized non-invasive control instruments, design of specialized solutions for measuring devices.

The object looks extensive but in fact is the result of smart specialization based on knowledge of system development, wave propagation and signal processing. For example, the study of the absorption or reflection of different types of radiation from multilayer structures is identical in the case of modeling the multilayer wall structures of a shell in order to calculate the heat losses and therefore the energy footprint (E / M studies, energy upgrades) modeling of artwork color strings for the study of the absorption of infrared radiation either in the case of modeling a multilayer skin structure containing cancerous structures to study the reflection of either ultrasonic or e / m waves from it. This clever specialization has been proven in the implementation of research actions in collaboration with the “ORMYLIA” Foundation, which, based on this intelligent expertise, has led to significant benefits of quality control services in the industry using ultrasonic μtomography and spectroscopic mapping imaging and spectroscopy, such as study and quality control of integrated circuits, quality control of varistors, quality control of multilayer road tunnel dyes and emerypapers. At the same time the work in the field of electrical engineer in electromechanical projects for energy upgrading of large buildings has enabled the application of quality control techniques with non-destructive tests on building materials. Finally, the owner and founder has issued / acquired patents with the latest ultrasound and infrared techniques associated with the development of multilayer structures. One case referred to in the patent concerns diagnosis of melanoma. A large part of the project concerns the targeted, properly adapted development of this patent for non-destructive testing of cultural heritage objects from a distributed system to a single and commercially exploitable one. The founder has developed a sufficient number of studies to have a class C (Higher Individual) study degree. He has carried out research and development projects in cooperation with the ORMYLIA Foundation in the past with budgets of the order of 13M € and projects of 5M € of Electromechanical installations projects.

The founder of DM is also responsible for quality control engineers according to ISO 17025 laboratory measurements applicable to all materials that allow the propagation of high frequency ultrasonic waves to them and to all materials that absorb UV energy up to the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum : (a) Measurement of thickness and acoustic speed of materials according to EN 14127 (Non-destructive test – Ultrasonic thickness measurement). (b) a spectral reflection coefficient in diffuse reflection from the ultraviolet to the mid infrared range (200nm -5000nm) according to ASTME-903-96 (Standard Test Method for Solar Absorption, Reflection and Emission of Materials Using Integration Spheres) . He is a certified engineer for studying and inspecting the energy performance of buildings according to EN15217.